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Doom Legacy: MOD DOOM II

This is another source-port widely used, similar to EDGE features. Allows graphical rendering by OpenGL or 3dfx Glide, which makes possible dynamic effects such as lights, flashes and Legacy engine can handle fully three-dimensional environments .. Doom Legacy has other capabilities, such as third-person view Serious Sam style, able to participate until 32 players for online games, use of skins as ZDoom. It is also striking mutiplayer game mode up to 2 people on the same PC, employing the split screen.

Doom Legacy :Additional  Content

I've uploaded portable 1 link with all set mouse and keyboard player 1 player 2 Generic PC Remote. If you want to fix something, change player names or keys to moving everyone what they should do is to enter the config.cfg open it with notepad and leaves them the list more info in my fan page post: https://www.facebook.com/beatzooseven/posts/722300797803918

Serious Sam: The First Encounter

A little history
In his first adventure, Serious Sam: The First Encounter the player plays the character Sam "serious", with 1.84 m tall and 120 pounds, brave warrior who is entrusted with the mission to save the planet Earth back back in time to change the past and thus save humanity. The entire game takes place in ancient Egyptian civilization. The beginning of the game is in the Hatshepsut temple where you come from the future "Time-Lock" a product found in humans, where the first encouentran weapons and secrets. The aim of the first four missions is to bring together some magical elements that will allow Sam to enter two cities: Thebes and Memphis, from which shall reach the Great Pyramid and fight Ugh-Zan III Admiral, which Mental " the enemy of humanity and the resistance led by Sam, sent to oversee the cleanup of planet Earth. " The neutralization of the opponent's study, as it regenerates and is difficult to beat, even in the simplest way (Tourist). However, defeating the game itself tells us that this is not the end, as it says "To Be Continued ..." ("To be continued." The hardest way, Serio, the number of enemies is 5,961, and Sam in some missions must address more than 1,000, indicating that the action and entertainment is guaranteed. In a period in which the FPS were becoming more sophisticated and less linear, where the player is constantly ran into sequences film appears this game is a return to the roots of the genre. Closer to Doom that of his contemporaries, the emphasis is again placed in destroying thousands (literally) of enemies per level, leaving aside all the trappings that gender was acquired in recent years. extremely powerful weapons, a sense of absurd humor and very special, lots of secrets to level and, mainly, the ability to play multiplayer cooperative either diviida screen computer in the network, or through Internet, this game became an instant classic.It should be emphasized cooperative multiplayer mode of this game, and you can join a large number of participants at the same time (the amount is limited by the server), the possibility of reaching more than 16 to 42 players simultaneously. In PC was not common to find a FPS game that allows the player to play split-screen mode, as is customary in the consoles if you went round the world of video games.

Serious Sam: The Second Encounter

An Overview. Serious Sam The firts encounter was the first shooter with the option to split screen split screen PC and also 2 to 4 online players something new that is seen only in this game. The continuation because of the success, the following year (2002) Croteam released Serious Sam: The Second Encounter. Continues the adventures of our hero, again trapped in the past, but this time trying to kill their enemies in three different historical periods. The truth did not lose the essence of the game, the same sam but with new modifications for example now has 2 primary weapons the classic knife and chainsaw, it also came to play weapons like flamethrowers and sniper "ideal for breaking up the enemy ", the range of colors, there are many new things so play it and find out.

Serious Sam:  Additional  Content

Pack Skins  Only copy at the folder game, aviable for Serious Sam The First Encounter and Serious Sam The Second Encounter.

To play whit controls copy this file and paste at folder serious sam FE or SE, into folder Controls, later in configuration players select load default setings and select controls player 3, Ready.

Serious Sam 3 Before The First Encounter

The craziest shooter Serious Sam returns with a third call Before Serious Sam The First Encounter (before the first meeting) delivery explaining what happened before the previous video games, the game explains and makes you relive what happened before Serious Sam travel in the time machine to ancient Egypt in his first appearance that was called the First ecounter (the first meeting). The game focuses on what happened at the beginning of the war to Serious Sam mostandonos amid conflict.

The video game brings many new features, game modes, graphics engine, sound quality (a great soundtrack, as have previous installments), a good story and excellent gameplay. New items, new weapons and everything corresponds to the time of the game. As you progress you find new characters, new enemies and old.

9 links are hosted on depositfiles, download them and then have the. Rar descomrimen 1-1, copy the contents of the crack, replace everything and get ready. This original like leaves that annoying red scorpion antipiracy immortal (pure evil) and the game will not leave alone.

Serious Sam 3:  To play Split screen PC whit joystick

To play split screen asks for the original Xbox 360 controls, you may have generic controls (these do not work). The solution is very easy, with a program called x360ce can emulate keys of a command in your command Xbox360 generic (works with any command or command can also emulate keyboard with keys). The program is very easy to edit only you click on each key and give the key record or select from the list that comes out, it is important to keep the program in the folder SSBFE / bin where this file. Exe video game ent also to have connected you to configure the controls you use to emulate the Xbox 360 controller, also is running the program in compatibility mode for WXP service pack 2 will not create conflict when trying to enter the program reconfigure x360ce , and ready and can play split screen PC Serious Sam.

Dead Block 1950

Dead Block is set in the 1950s in the United States and is a tribute to the first films of undead where people had to dig. The game brings you into the shoes of one of the three survivors of the zombie invasion frantic: Mike Bacon, a boy scout, Jack Foster, a construction worker, and Foxy Jones, a traffic warden created way shaped blocks straight and square angles something that looks funny and entertaining. A fun game where you have to use your mental agility with videogames deztresa You can join the action by playing with friends and having support (multiplayer, offline, split screen) forward and make sure space is always in guard to protect you.

 Password:    JTL

The Haunted Hells Reach

he Haunted (TH) is a 3rd-person perspective demonic shooter developed by KTX Software and published by

THQ. Released on October 25, 2011 (2012 for consoles) for PC (available on Steam) this game utilizes the Unreal Engine 3 and is an high-paced action horror shooter game.

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