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Arma 2 free PC  + mod dynamic 28 Days Later

A very complete war simulator with tanks, helicopters, airplanes, military vehicles, cargo, civil and motorcycles, you can do interact with each other. You can use gasoline trucks retanquear your vehicle, use a truck as a crane and more Discover. It also has a database of large weapons and items as night vision, vinoculares, radio, GPS, map at end discovering many things in the game you just give them a little guide, do not forget to enter to make their profile with an avatar I do know that if they stay well designed, otherwise the game is the team most of the time is Blue BLUEFORD (zombie mode is better to be the team that dominates so they can not be killed for their things, and if any teammate kills peaceful ¨ ¨ we are kicked or simply remove the server, it depends if the server allows friendly fire) and red OPFORD hardly anyone plays on that team because like almost all still so new turn blue, this INDEPENDENT , CIVIL these recommended since last bit out unarmed, no equipment and very easy to kill them because they look like zombies from a distance, can finally tell about having sustained casp Caps lock ¨ ¨ pressing it two times in a row or longer open the radio to talk, with 5 and 0 can speak your phrases avatar as where you are, or take that sucker or repeat last over too in russian langue.

ARMA2: Free Patch 1.11

Here I leave the resent update, actualizen recommend you that everyone is doing and version 1.10 will have fewer servers. Run the patch in the game folder and ready waiting to finish takes 1 minute.

28 Days Later MOD full

Basically it is a mod to the theme of 28 days (extermination), where besides survive the hordes of infected, we have to search for weapons, ammunition, medicine, and safe transportation. This mode is played with only the Independent and the PVP side is not used by everyone are the same team, but if they can fight other survivors that make the computer depending on whether or not to attack you (is better not kill them, if they are friends give them weapons and ammunition). The mod brings its own default settings that are few vehicles, weapons and all inical l map randomly, although you can set when you create the server. It is the most perfect and stable infected zombie mod, I added the game folder as named MPmisions Arma2free all mods (good for full versions).

Dynamic Zombie Sanbox MOD v Final

The final version of the filter I found doing searches on the web, there are beta versions even if they have them all added to the folder we will create calm MP conflict, although some have or many bugs or automatically go into a game and that makes angry at all. It works for all versions of ArmA2. Anyway this super stable version fails and you might not need to install anything just looking for the following directory where you have the ARMA2 or in my case the D: Bohemia Interactive / MPMissions unzip the file. Rar

How to create a dedicated server in Arma 2 free version

Well it is very simple, but the audience here that there is no walkthrough that explains how to create a dedicated server discovery and experiencing. The first thing to do is go to the Bohemia Interactive game folder and open the file arma2server.exe, after entering the game and multiplayer is seeking the name of your server comes out with the name of your PC if you want to go out with the name that you want to just change the name of your computer from system properties, in my case (28 Days Later ESP / ENG) enter the game set for me zombie mode 1 and if they want to be ADMIN of the dedicated server only enter (server confing) vote for yourselves as managers, the server immediately returns and administrators can customize the game, I prefer without ADMIN to make things more interesting, when I use the zombie mod and leave everything as random mod brings almost all random functions choose only entered my team, unit and I click OK for the mission to be read.


If you like pokemon  of GBA //gameboy advance// pokemon are going to love this game using pokemon fire red online but so amazing. You can create your custom avatar to your liking, with the color you want, you will be is contact, you can catch many pokemon to take your side in battle / / for this I have left the Pokemon fire red rom and also a Rom Nds for they can see the pokemon battle outside the only thing you have to do is drag and drop it from the slot where you leave the pokemon / /, besides that you have the option to walk, run, ride on your bike, ride on your pokemon to tour the world as in your GBA only now you can do it with your friends by exchanges, talking in chat or just meeting people.

-To play you must register on the website to start secion and that's it, I hope you enjoy this video game captures many Pokemon and proves to be a real gamer pokemon trainer.